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Off-Campus Study Photo Contest

A Learning Moment by Mark Muniz

"A Learning Moment" by Mark Muniz (Knox College) was awarded the Grand Prize in the 2014-15 ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest.

The ACM colleges have been pioneers in off-campus study and have collaborated since the early 1960s to provide consortial off-campus study opportunities in the U.S. and around the world. The ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest celebrates this history and the important role that off-campus study plays in liberal arts education.

A panel of judges selects prize winners from among photos taken by students at ACM colleges when they participate in domestic or international off-campus study programs.

Judges look for photos that go beyond the typical tourist shot to demonstrate cross-cultural learning, that is, students actively engaged with the local culture. Photos that illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of liberal arts education are favored, and creativity and artistry in the composition of the photos is also considered.

Along with the Grand Prize, awards are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photos in several categories, and additional photos receive Honorable Mention recognition.

See the results of the 2014-15 Photo Contest!

The Fans' Choice Awards honor the photos receiving the most votes in a contest on the ACM Facebook page.

All of the winning, honorable mention, and Fans' Choice photos are then part of a digital photo exhibit hosted by ACM colleges.

A total of 96 photos were entered in this year's Photo Contest. See all the winners in the 2014-15 Photo Contest Galleries!

Go to the Galleries to view all of the prize-winning photos from each year of the ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest:

Girls in the Shambaas

The 2013-14 Grand Prize went to "Girls in the Shambaas" by Abby Guthmann (Lawrence University).

The ACM held its first Off-Campus Study Photo Contest in 2008-09 as part of the consortium’s 50th Anniversary celebration. The event and traveling exhibit proved to be so popular that it became an annual event.