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Costs & Financial Aid

Check with your Off-Campus Study Office and your Financial Aid Office to confirm how your college charges students for off-campus study programs, what additional campus fees may apply, and how financial aid may be used toward the cost of your program.

The total amount students must pay to participate in an off-campus study program varies from college to college, as does the availability of financial aid for off-campus study. These campus policies are often based on the specific curricular goals established at each college.

Depending on the policies of your home college, charges for off-campus study may be based upon the program’s cost, or may be based upon the college’s own tuition. Additionally, some colleges may assess special fees for off-campus study.


Note: Upon acceptance to the program, you will be required to pay a deposit, which will be applied toward the program fee.

Cancellation policy

Refer to the ACM Program Payment Policies sheet for information concerning cancellation policies.

Student Assistants on ACM Programs

ACM offers paid assistant positions at several off-campus study sites so you can have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn a stipend during your study away program.

Visit the Student Assistants page for more information about available positions and application instructions.

Scholarship Information

Students at ACM colleges automatically qualify for a 10% discount off the tuition price. Students at ACM-affiliated colleges qualify for a 5% tuition discount.

Specific scholarships are available for the ACM Jordan Program; for more information, visit the AMIDEAST scholarship page. For a variety of links to outside scholarship sources for off-campus study, go to the scholarship information page. You may also identify other off-campus study scholarship opportunities through your campus.