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ACM Off-Campus Study Programs

Most ACM programs are open to students from any U.S. college or university.  Use the filters on the right to search for programs by themes, calendar, or features.

Member colleges

  1. Beloit College
  2. Carleton College
  3. Coe College
  4. Colorado College
  5. Cornell College
  6. Grinnell College
  7. Knox College
  8. Lake Forest College
  9. Lawrence University
  10. Luther College
  11. Macalester College
  12. Monmouth College
  13. Ripon College
  14. St. Olaf College

Off-campus study

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Kelsey Smith My time in Costa Rica has come to constitute much more than just the semester I was there. I created strong bonds with the people, the country, and the Spanish language to such an extent that they still affect my daily life. I learned a great deal about myself, my passions, and my limits. From the many ACM excursions, to a day in with my host family, to an unforeseen hour-long conversation with my taxi driver, I found myself inquiring, discovering, and growing. While I continue to keep in touch with my host families, my hope is to return soon with fellow ACM classmates to rekindle old relationships and generate new ones. Ultimately, committing to a semester in Costa Rica was one of the most invaluable experiences of my life, and I never could have predicted or anticipated its lasting impact on my life and myself.

—Kelsey Smith, Costa Rica, Fall 2007

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