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ACM Off-Campus Study Programs

Most ACM programs are open to students from any U.S. college or university.  Use the filters on the right to search for programs by themes, calendar, or features.

Member colleges

  1. Beloit College
  2. Carleton College
  3. Coe College
  4. Colorado College
  5. Cornell College
  6. Grinnell College
  7. Knox College
  8. Lake Forest College
  9. Lawrence University
  10. Luther College
  11. Macalester College
  12. Monmouth College
  13. Ripon College
  14. St. Olaf College

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Sarah Brown There are so many magnificent things to encounter on the London & Florence program. If asked to sum up my experience abroad in one sentence, I might hem and haw a bit trying to decide whether to talk about flipping coins into the fountain in Rome or socializing with the scruffy pony in a field on the side of the road in Stratford, the historic awe that is Florence's church of San Miniato or the puzzle piece wonder of London. I think I would finally say, however, that the most defining moments of going abroad were the moments I have been able to bring home with me. As the Italians say, "Ho capito que… non capisco, ma e’ va bene." ("I understood that I don’t understand, but that it is OK.") Since I have gotten home, I have come to realize that along with the plethora of academic knowledge imparted to us, the London & Florence program gave me the opportunity and security I needed to be truly alone with myself and to learn how to trust myself again. I re-discovered the wonder of my life and found new curiosity in the world.

—Sarah Brown, London & Florence, Spring 2008

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