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Botswana: Development in Southern Africa

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Laura Eberly The ACM Botswana program presented me with an array of experiences which, from the phenomenal to the mundane, challenged my understanding of development, Africa, people, and myself. I appreciated equally opportunities to meet current and former presidents and listen to federal budget presentations and the opportunities to ride khombis and to work side by side with Batswana women discussing and laughing about clients and husbands in mixed English and Setswana. I alternately cherished and struggled with the slow pace of life, the subtle, roundabout conversations, and the overwhelming heat, but through these transformations confronted serious questions about research, international development, my involvement in different communities, the political and social systems of my own country, and the intricacies of friendship. It was an extraordinary journey.

—Laura Eberly, Botswana, Spring 2008

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