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Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities

Chicago, Illinois

Short-term seminars

Short courses in the spring allow students and faculty to experience the Library and the city for a three to four-week term.

While these short-term courses are open to students from all ACM and Great Lakes Colleges Association, Inc. (GLCA) member colleges, they are scheduled and administered primarily for the benefit of the two ACM colleges on the block or One-Course-at-a-Time plan, Colorado and Cornell Colleges. In most cases, students and teachers in short-term courses are from the same college, and the courses taught at the Newberry have the same titles and course numbers as similar courses on campus. Students receive the same amount of credit as they would for one course on campus.

Participants in the short-term courses work closely with faculty and their fellow students in a seminar that provides context and guidance for their research. It is a rich academic experience, giving students a chance to explore primary source materials on a topic of their choice.

Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities

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Emily Witte My time in Chicago in the ACM Newberry Library program was such a privilege. While living two blocks from the beach was certainly AWESOME, the best part was having access to all of the primary resources that the Newberry Library has to offer. With my own carrel to work at, I was able to work with the materials in depth and strengthen my research and writing skills immensely. In addition, the staffs at the library were welcoming and wonderful to work with. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

—Emily Witte, Newberry Seminar, Fall 2012

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