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Chicago Program: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies

Chicago, Illinois

Independent Study Project (ISP)

Students in the Chicago Program pursue an Independent Study Project (ISP) related to their academic and professional goals.  Ideally, these will be projects that draw on the city’s resources to create something original, such as a research paper, a service project, a work of art, or a feasibility analysis for a business.  For the first half of the program, students will meet regularly in their ISP groups to develop skills and exposure to practicioners in the city.  Students may also find ways to link their ISP with their internship.  All students will share their final products at the end of the program. (Note: The fall and spring trimester options do not include an independent study project.)

Independent Study Projects may be related to almost any academic area.  Many students have projects that relate more closely to the three seminar topics—Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Urban Studies.  Here are examples of some recent projects in those areas:

  • Recent Independent Study Projects related to the Arts
  • Recent Independent Study Projects related to Entrepreneurship
  • Recent Independent Study Projects related to Urban Studies

Chicago Program: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies

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Katie Schumacher The most beneficial experience of the ACM Chicago Business, Entrepreneurship, & Society program for me would be the internship. I had my internship at ACCION Chicago, a non-profit organization that provides various services to small businesses, including credit. At this internship, I had substantive work to accomplish, such as a project to prepare an international fact sheet for their clients. The experience and contacts made there will aid me in my future goals.

—Katie Schumacher, Chicago Program (Entrepreneurship), Spring 2009

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