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Brazil: Semester Exchange Program at UFJF

Juiz de Fora, Brazil


The total amount students must pay to participate in an off-campus study program varies from college to college, as does the availability of financial aid for off-campus study.  These campus policies are often based on the specific curricular goals established at each college.  Depending on the policies of a student’s home college, charges for off-campus study may be based upon the program’s cost, or may be based upon the college’s own tuition.  Additionally, some colleges may assess special fees for off-campus study.

As a result, students should check with their Off-Campus Study Office and their Financial Aid Office to confirm how their college charges students for off-campus study programs, what additional campus fees may apply, and how financial aid may be used toward the cost of their program.


For the Brazil Exchange programs, tuition will be paid to the ACM student's home campus, in exchange for the agreement to receive a Brazilian student.  Students also pay a $3,000 program fee, which covers the initial language course and the administration of the exchanges.

In addition to the charges outlined above, students should expect to pay:

  • Living expenses (room and board).  Depending on which living option is chosen, the estimated cost for housing can typically range between $200-350 per month.  Cost for meals will vary according to the program location and which living option is chosen, with some housing including partial meals, kitchen facilities, and/or other amenities. 
  • Round-trip transportation to the program site (assistance with booking flights may be available through an ACM travel agent)
  • Local transportation during the program (typically bus fare to the university campus)
  • Personal expenses

Click here for a printable cost sheet.

Note: Upon acceptance to the program, students will be required to pay a $400 deposit, which will be applied toward the program fee.

Scholarship Information

Though ACM does not offer scholarships for their off-campus study programs, we encourage students to seek outside scholarship funding to help finance their experience.  For a variety of links to outside scholarship sources for off-campus study, please go to the scholarship information page.

Cancellation Policy

Please refer to the ACM Program Payment Policies sheet for information concerning cancellation policies.

Brazil: Semester Exchange Program at UFJF

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Zoila Guachichulca Going to Brazil was one of the greatest experiences, and something that I will never forget. I have fallen in love with the Brazilian culture and its language. The Brazilian community was welcoming and willing to help me with anything I needed. I met a lot of great people who helped me develop strategies to develop my research project on social programs and accomplish it. Overall, I have improved my Portuguese and have learned new skills from the students I have interviewed. I have challenged myself in many ways and have learned to be patient. I have learned a phrase that will help me on my future success – "Quem tem boca vai a Roma" ("Who has a mouth goes to Rome"), meaning that if you go out and ask for help with what you need, you will go further to achieve your goal. Now, my interests are to return to Brazil to do my Masters Degree in something related to political economy of development (global policy or public affairs).

—Zoila Guachichulca, Brazil, Spring 2011

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