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2010 Student Symposium on Off-Campus Study

See video clips of the students' presentations!

ACM's second annual Student Symposium on Off-Campus Study was held in Chicago on April 16-17, featuring presentations and panel discussions by 33 students from ACM colleges who have studied in locations around the globe – from Japan to Italy to Botswana to Argentina to Chicago, and many points in between.

Off-campus study is an increasingly important part of undergraduate education, especially at the ACM colleges, and the Symposium serves as a showcase of the profound impact that studying off campus can have on students' education, career choices, and personal lives.

This year, the Symposium was streamed live on the ACM website. See the Participant List and the Schedule for links to video clips of the students' presentations and the panel discussions.

The ACM colleges nominated students to participate in the Symposium and the delegations from the campuses also included faculty members and administrators. The participants chose their topics, drawn from their off-campus study experiences – research projects, internships, cultural exchanges, and personal growth and insights.

The Symposium was organized into four panels of students. Each student presented for eight minutes and then the group participated in a panel discussion. A faculty member moderated the discussion, commenting on some of the broad themes brought out in the presentations, and the audience had an opportunity to ask questions of the individual presenters and the group as a whole.

Participants in the 2010 Student Symposium on Off-Campus Study

Front row (l-r): Martin Klammer, Joo Ree Richards, Charlotte Blessing, Ellyn Arevalo, Sean Keenan, Bill Blomfelt, and Rocio Ayard-Ochoa

Seated: Eric Anderson, Robert Grafsgaard, Jamila Humphrie, Genevieve Jauregui, Kellie Griffin, Emily Oliver, Khant Khant Kyaw, Caitlyn Genovese, Kristin Larson, and Robin Ragan

3rd row: Patricia Vilches, Madeline Horan, Lisa Harney, Stacy Beckwith, Sarah McNutt, Kathleen O'Mary, Anna Bryan, Annette Zak, Ana Kennedy, Lynn Westley, and Heather Nennig

Back row: Erin Anderson, Whitney Keltner, Jerry Seaman, Steve Soderlind, Sam Arnold, Phillip Thomas, Victoria Henson, Noelle Templeton, Emily Ellson, Trevor Thomas, Jacob Wessels, Rakhi Voria, Pål Robson, and Donna Oliver

Not available for the photo: Bereket Haileab, Humberto Huergo, Addy Najera, and Emilie Vrbancic

 The first ACM Student Symposium was held in April, 2009, as the culminating event celebrating the consortium's 50th Anniversary.