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Scenes from the ACM Off-Campus Study Student Symposium in Chicago on April 17-18, 2009.


ACM President Chris Welna welcomes the Symposium participants and guests at the opening dinner on Friday evening.
Jody Kretzmann, a founding faculty member of the ACM Urban Studies Program, speaking on Friday evening.

The audience settles in before the students begin their presentations on Saturday morning.

A panel discussion with Prof. Natalie Gummer (Religious Studies, Beloit) as moderator and (seated left to right) Ryan Greene (Ripon), Ariana Kiener (Carleton), Zachary Bahr (Knox), Heather Bhimull (Cornell), Chris Ruder (Beloit), and Katelyn Reid (St. Olaf).

Prof. Monty Roper (Anthropology, Grinnell) moderates a panel with (seated left to right) Po Ling Pauline Chan (Knox), Ryan Casserly (Colorado), Brianna Buljung (Colorado), Sarah Van Etten (Macalester), Tracy Schwartz (Lake Forest), and Mikelle Wortman (Cornell).

As Visiting Faculty on the programs in Florence, Lawrence professor Patricia Vilches (at right) taught both Jennifer Halbman (Lawrence, at left) and Caitlin Staebell (Coe).

Prof. Steven Sacks (Religion, Cornell) moderates a panel with (seated left to right) Heidi Chun (Grinnell), Kathleen Quigley (Monmouth), Rachel Johnson (Carleton), Michael Barnett (Lawrence), and Nate Stewart (Carleton).

A panel discussion with Prof. Robin Ragan (Modern Languages, Knox), moderator, and (seated left to right) Francine Boylan (St. Olaf), Yiqian "Phoebe" Zhang (Grinnell), Alice Dworkin (Beloit), Polly Young (Knox), Caitlin Staebell (Coe), Tiffany Born (Ripon), Hadley Skeffington-Vos (Lake Forest), and Jennifer Halbman (Lawrence).

Alumni of the ACM Costa Rica programs at the Symposium included (from left to right): ACM Program Associate Heather Everst, who organized the Symposium; Emily Krouse-Gagne (Beloit graduate); and Ryan Casserly (Colorado).

The dinner buffet on Friday evening featured Costa Rican and Thai cuisine.

Student and faculty participants at the Symposium:

Seated, left to right: Tracy Schwartz (Lake Forest), Hadley Skeffington-Vos (Lake Forest), Robin Ragan (Knox), Steven Sacks (Cornell), Natalie Gummer (Beloit), Rachel Johnson (Carleton), Katelyn Reid (St. Olaf), Alice Dworkin (Beloit), Polly Young (Knox)

Standing, first row: Kathleen Quigley (Monmouth), Gary Gisselman (St. Olaf), Heidi Chun (Grinnell), Yiqian "Phoebe" Zhang (Grinnell), Francine Boylan (St. Olaf), Caitlin Staebell (Coe), Jennifer Halbman (Lawrence), Sara Van Etten (Macalester), Chris Ruder (Beloit), Patricia Vilches (Lawrence), Heather Bhimull (Cornell), Po Ling Pauline Chan (Knox), Mikelle Wortman (Cornell)

Standing, second row: Brianna Buljung (Colorado), David Torres-Rouff (Colorado), Ryan Casserly (Colorado), Jerry Seaman (Ripon), Tiffany Born (Ripon), Monty Roper (Grinnell), Ken Cramer (Monmouth), Rob Kuennen (Coe), Paul Nelson (Macalester), Zachary Bahr (Knox), Nate Stewart (Carleton), Ariana Kiener (Carleton)


  Posted May 6, 2009