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Kelli Kleitsch

Kelli Kleitsch

Kelli Kleitsch

Knox College

Participant in the 2013 ACM Student Symposium on Off-Campus Study

  • Hometown: Ringwood, IL
  • Major: Integrated International Studies
  • Minors: Creative Writing and Gender & Women's Studies
  • Graduation: 2013
  • Program: SIT Study Abroad, Northern Uganda: Post-Conflict Transformation — Fall 2012


Recovering from the Recovery: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Both Creating and Rectifying Gender Divisions in Northern Uganda

I studied the role NGOs played in creating the large gender gap now present in northern Uganda, and how these organizations viewed their responsibilities to men and women after the conflict. The outcome of this project completely revolutionized my way of thinking about the structures of international aid, and the importance of understanding culture and gender relations in first-wave aid distribution. This project is now informing a significant portion of my senior research, and I intend to use my knowledge from this experience to make a career in sustainable development possible.


At left: Video of Kelli Kleitsch's presentation at the Symposium.


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Post graduation plans: I'm looking to break into the field of international human rights advocacy or international development.
What was the best thing that you did while on an off-campus program? Climb a mountain to stand under Sipi Falls.
What is one word or phrase that best describes your experience off-campus? TIA - This is Africa
Top 3 reasons why you chose to go off-campus:
1. To live and experience life abroad.
2. To become more independent.
3. Why not?
If you could travel anywhere where would you go? Backpacking through South America.
If you could learn to speak any language what would it be? Urdu
What was the best meal that you had while on your program? A Rolex. Every morning, I would stop at the same street vendor before class and have him make me one. Basically, he mixes two eggs, tomatoes, peppers, and onions together, pours the whole thing into a pan, lets it sit and cook like an omelet, and then rolls the whole thing together with a chipate when it's done. Delicious!
What was the last movie you saw that made you cry? Dead Poets Society — gets me every time.

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