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The Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), a consortium of residential liberal arts colleges, aims to strengthen its member colleges as leaders and exemplars in liberal arts education through significant, innovative, and sustainable collaborations. The ACM does this by:

  • Fostering professional effectiveness of faculty and administrative leaders at member colleges;
  • Providing exemplary liberal arts learning through off-campus study;
  • Promoting members' excellence in teaching and learning, especially as achieved through collaboration.

This articulation of ACM's mission, adopted by the Board of Directors in 2008, reaffirms the organization's role as both a creative stimulus and a facilitator for the member colleges, providing intangible benefits of community as well as a portfolio of distinctive, high-quality programs for its member colleges. As in the past, ACM seeks to foster excellence in liberal arts learning, through grant-funded opportunities for faculty and staff development, off-campus study and celebration of the excellence achieved by its members. Through these activities, ACM seeks to strengthen its member colleges as leaders in liberal education and, we believe, in leadership by example.

Connecting Colleges and Creating Opportunities

Read about the ways that the ACM colleges use their consortium to enhance student learning, faculty development, and administrative leadership at their institutions.

ACM Strategic Planning

In 2008, the ACM Board of Directors adopted the Mission Statement and a Strategic Action Plan to sharpen the focus of the consortium's work. The initial five-year plan was followed by the current ACM Strategic Action Plan for 2014-19.