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The Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) enriches residential liberal arts education and strengthens members through collaboration. 


Through our strategic initiatives and programs, we will:

  • Encourage excellence in teaching and learning
  • Promote equity and inclusion and celebrate individual and collective diversity
  • Strengthen the connection between inquiry and practice
  • Amplify the expertise of faculty, students, and staff
  • Cultivate an open environment for innovation and exchange


In 2019, with the guidance of our Board of Directors, Advisory Board of Deans, and campus colleagues, we created a new strategic framework that identifies four strategic priorities for our collective work together in the coming years: 

The 4 P strategic priorities are Place, Professional Development, Pathways and Platform

The ACM's four strategic priorities.  Downloadable version of this image here


Strategic Planning

One page summary of ACM mission/strategic plan

ACM’s strategic planning work led to approval of its current strategic plan in early 2019 by the ACM Board of Directors, reflected in this downloadable summary. 

The ACM Board of Directors approved its first Strategic Action Plan in 2008 to set the priorities for consortial activities through 2013.

As the timeframe for that initial plan neared its end, the consortium engaged in a process to create the Strategic Action Plan for 2014-2019, which provided a guiding framework for the member institutions to effectively leverage their collaboration in addressing the challenges and opportunities they face.

As part of a strategic planning effort launched by the ACM Board of Directors in October 2017, the consortium assessed its program offerings, reviewed data trends, and considered feedback from students, faculty, and academic leaders at the 14 campuses.

ACM’s goal is to offer high-quality programming in support of student learning experiences, faculty and staff development, and shared services that its members cannot get elsewhere and that is strengthened by a collaborative approach.

ACM’s strategic planning work continued throughout 2018 and led to the approval of its current strategic plan in early 2019 by the ACM Board of Directors.

Download ACM Strategic Plan Summary