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Use of the ACM Office Space

The ACM consortial office in downtown Chicago has a small conference room available for use. Priority is given to faculty, staff, and students from the 14 ACM campuses.

The space may be used for a variety of purposes, such as staff retreats, class visits, interviews, teleconferencing, and more.



  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the space.
  • Conference Room – Seats up to 14 people in a hollow square or classroom style. With social distancing, the room would hold four people. 
  • Access to limited kitchen facilities (refrigerator, microwave, sink) is available.
  • The 180 N. Michigan Avenue building and ACM space are ADA compliant.

Other services available

Note: The Event Sponsor will be responsible for setting up prior to the event and cleaning up afterward and for all direct costs of the following services. There may be additional fees, as well.

  • ACM can arrange for meals, snacks, and beverages to be delivered during the group's use of the space.
  • ACM can make arrangements for overnight accommodations at the Best Western River North Hotel. The hotel offers free internet access, breakfast, and parking.
  • Onsite photocopying and computers for use by ACM college faculty and students can be arranged.

Costs and fees

  • Rental fees for use of the facility are waived for ACM campus-based groups, except for courses for which tuition is charged.
  • Rental fee schedule as of 9/1/2019:

Conference Room: $400 for a full day and $200 for a half day.

  • Rental fees are based on use during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, except holidays). Outside of regular business hours, there will be a staff fee, in addition to any applicable rental fees, charged to the Event Sponsor for the cost of an ACM staff presence to keep the space open.
  • Costs and fees charged by the building management as a result of use of the space by a group (such as cleaning fees or charges for heating/air conditioning) will be charged to the Event Sponsor.

To reserve the ACM consortial space

  • All use of the ACM space is subject to availability. ACM consortial activities have priority in scheduling.
  • The Event Sponsor should contact Betsy Hutula. ACM will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be signed by the Event Sponsor in order to reserve the space.
  • For questions about reserving and using the ACM consortial space, contact Betsy Hutula (312.561.5930).