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Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Vice President of Faculty Development and Grant Programs

180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2020
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312.561.5922

Brian serves as Vice President and Director of Faculty Development and Grant Projects. As Vice President, he assists the President in working with the ACM Board of Directors and ACM Advisory Board of Deans to set priorities, develop strategic plans, and create innovative partnerships across the member institutions to promote faculty development and student learning in the tradition of residential liberal arts colleges.  As Director of Faculty Development projects, Brian manages the ACM portfolio of grant-funded faculty development initiatives, working closely with the President and Advisory Board of Deans to identify, articulate, secure funding for, and then implement faculty development projects to enhance teaching and learning on the member campuses. In this role, he manages the various administrative and communication processes through which the ACM supports the faculty on each campus, ensures a steady and increasingly diverse stream of funding through grant submissions and reporting, and monitors the funding environment for new opportunities for collaboration.

Prior to joining the ACM, Brian worked for nearly 20 years as an administrator and teacher in various formal and informal learning institutions. In higher education, Brian served as Vice President of Advancement at both Knox College and Antioch College, positions in which he led all aspects of their alumni relations and development efforts. Prior to his work in college administration, Brian taught on the writing faculties at Northwestern and Cornell University law schools for seven years. In addition to his experience in higher education, Brian served for seven years as Vice President of Development at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Finally, Brian began his career as an attorney while practicing with Vedder Price’s Chicago office for two years in the early nineties, after having served for one year as a Judicial Clerk to Judge Michael S. Kanne of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Brian holds a BA in American Studies from Knox College, a law degree from Indiana University - Bloomington, and an MA in American History from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He enjoys playing acoustic guitar with friends, long dinners with good conversation partners, outdoor activities of all types, and working with other non-profit organizations supporting children and youth.

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