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Diversity and Inclusive Equity

The 14 colleges of the ACM and the consortial office have a longstanding and deep commitment to educational access, diversity, and equity in higher education. Each is committed to the fact that teaching, learning, and civic life are enriched by increased exposure to a broad and diverse range of perspectives, both within the curriculum and among the faculty, students, and staff.

Explore Faculty & Staff Anti-Racism Workshops

Anti-Racism Initiatives

Working together and with the ACM consortial office, the 14 ACM colleges aim to address the institutional and structural forms of racism that have contributed to the differential experiences and outcomes for students, faculty, and staff. We are launching targeted initiatives during the 2020-21 academic year:

Professional Development

Workshops and opportunities for faculty and staff to develop anti-racism skills and knowledge to enhance teaching and learning.

Community Building

Enhancing community and well-being among faculty, staff, and students of color across and between our campuses.

Data Collection & Analysis

Identifying and understanding past and current practices that have created disparate impact among faculty, students, and staff of color.

Read About Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Questions? Members and non-members interested in learning more about our Anit-Racism Initiatives may contact Allen Linton II, ACM Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, at 312.561.5921 or

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Undergraduate & Faculty Fellows Program for a Diverse Professoriate

The ACM and the Big Ten Academic Alliance are engaged in a seven-year initiative to address barriers to faculty diversity in the humanities, humanistic social sciences, and arts, especially in the context of liberal arts colleges, supported by an $8.1 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Highlights of the initiative include:

Mellon Faculty Fellowships

Tenure-track appointments at one of the ACM colleges to new Ph.D. or terminal master’s degree graduates whose backgrounds and life experiences will enhance diversity on the ACM campuses.

Graduate School Exploration Fellowships

Mentoring, career development, and research opportunities to help underrepresented students learn about and prepare for graduate study.

Graduate School Exploration (GRADx) 

A yearlong program providing underrepresented students an immersive opportunity to learn about graduate study, with two forums at Big Ten Academic Alliance universities.

Meetings, Workshops & Summits

Events designed to strengthen the connective tissues across the undergraduate and faculty fellows programs, and between the ACM colleges and the Big Ten Academic Alliance.

Explore the Fellows Program

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News & Events

Anti-Racism Workshops for ACM Faculty & Staff

Beginning in September, the ADM will provide monthly workshops to enhance intercultural skills among our faculty and staff.

ACM Hosts Diversity Workshop on Retention and Success

The virtual event focused on best practices for supporting underrepresented faculty and students across the ACM campuses to sustain an environment of success.

ACM Colleges Respond to Killing of George Floyd

The ACM joins our member colleges in their efforts to learn, grow, and support healing in the aftermath of recent tragic killings.

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The ACM has curated these resources for those working to advance diversity and inclusive equity in the liberal arts higher education setting.

Questions? Contact Allen Linton II, ACM Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives.

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