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February 2020

Fri–Sat21–22 ACM AVDF High-Impact Practices Planning Group Meeting

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

January 2020

Wed22 ACM Athletic Directors Meeting

Anaheim, CA

Fri–Sat17–18 ACM Faculty Fellows Writing Retreat

ACM Office, Chicago, IL

December 2019

Thu–Fri5–6 ACM/GLCA Deans of Students Meeting

1–12 pm

ACM Office, Chicago, IL

November 2019

Wed–Thu20–21 ACM Human Resource Directors Meeting

Chicago, Illinois

Mon–Tue18–19 ACM Communicators Meeting

Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

Wed–Thu13–14 ACM Board of Directors meeting

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

Fri1 ACM Newberry Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting

11 am–4 pm

Newberry Library, Chicago, IL

October 2019

Mon28 ACM GSEF Coordinators Meeting

ACM Office, Chicago, IL

Sun–Tue27–29 ACM Business Officers

Beloit College, Beloit, WI