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ACM Annual Summit

Graduate School Exploration Fellowships give ACM students an inside view of graduate school in summer research placements at flagship universities. Read about it in the spring/summer 2018 ACM Notes newsletter.

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ACM Notes is published by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) to inform faculty and administrators at the ACM member institutions about consortial activities.

In the Spring/Summer 2018 issue:

Top stories:

  • ACM fellowships give students graduate-level research experiences this summer at flagship universities.
  • Three faculty developed a one-day workshop to spark students’ creativity and problem solving.
  • With a change in strategic direction, ACM will pursue new learning experiences for students.
  • St. Olaf joins the ACM Tuition Remission Exchange Program effective in fall 2019.
  • Faculty from nine ACM colleges have been awarded FaCE grants for collaborative projects.
  • The ACM Film Festival and Nick Adams Short Story Contest showcase students’ talent.

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