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You Get to Be an Italian on the Florence Program

Published: October 15, 2016

Watch the Florence program video to hear students talking about their experiences in Italy.

What is it about the city of Florence, and the experience of living and studying there on the ACM Florence program, that’s so special?

In a new video about the program, students answer that question in their own words, as they describe how the program plunges them into daily Florentine life and makes the city’s artistic and historic riches come alive in their courses.

From the excitement of being warmly welcomed by their host families, to seeing breathtaking works of art firsthand in the city’s museums and churches, to traveling to Venice and Rome, students talk about being engaged every day in both the wonders of the Renaissance and the excitement of modern Italy.

“You will never be able to live in Florence how we’re living, probably, again in your life,” Lake Forest College student Shelby Homiston says in summing up her experience on the program. “You get to be an Italian.”

Check out the video, and then learn more about the ACM Florence program at:

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