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Program Changes Reflect Progress Toward New Strategic Direction

Published: August 23, 2018

Program Changes Reflect Progress Toward New Strategic Direction

In May we shared news about our long-term strategic planning. In keeping with that process, we're happy to report that this fall students are heading to off-campus opportunities in seven countries plus several sites in the U.S. Students can choose from three programs for off-campus study next spring. Additionally, three programs are continuing indefinitely.  

Programs in Botswana and Brazil have now concluded. Here's a list of the programs concluding after fall 2018, those accepting applications for the spring, and programs that will continue on an ongoing basis:

  • Programs concluding after fall 2018: China  Shanghai: Perspectives on Contemporary China | Costa Rica  Community Engagement in Public Health, Education, & the Environment | India  Culture, Traditions, & Globalization | Italy  Florence: Arts, Humanities, & Culture  | Jordan  Middle East & Arabic Language Studies | Netherlands  Sciences, Global Health, & Interdisciplinary Studies at VU Amsterdam | Tanzania  Ecology & Human Origins | U.S.  Chicago Program: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Social Justice 
  • Programs open for Spring 2018, then concludingCosta Rica Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, & Humanities | India Social Entrepreneurship & Development | United Kingdom/Italy London & Florence: Arts in Context
  • Ongoing: Japan Cultural Immersion with Classes at Waseda University in Tokyo | United States Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities | Oak Ridge Science Semester

If you have questions about Off Campus Study, strategic planning, or other aspects of ACM's work, please feel free to get in touch

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