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Academic Recommendation Form

This online form is for faculty/staff submitting an Academic Recommendation for a student planning to participate in an ACM off-campus study program. You may submit this online form instead of filling out the paper recommendation form. 

After completing this form, you will receive a completed copy via e-mail. If your school's off-campus study office also needs a copy of this recommendation for their records, please forward it to them.

If faculty recommendations have already been completed as part of the internal campus application process, ACM will accept those instead of the ACM recommendation form. Please talk to your Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad office to see if they would prefer that you use the ACM recommendation form or if they will use the internal faculty recommendation that may already have been completed.

Note: Students who choose to have their recommenders fill out this online form have automatically waived their FERPA rights to access the recommendation. If a student does not want to waive this right, they must contact the ACM office to receive an alternate paper form.

Recommender information


Note: A copy of this completed form will be e-mailed to this address.

Student information

Student’s ACM program choice
Questions for the recommender

Your candid assessment of the strengths of this student’s application to an ACM Off-Campus Study Program will weigh heavily in the Selection Committee’s final decision. Please consider your answers carefully. If possible, we suggest that you read the student’s completed application and/or review the objectives of the program for which they are applying at

Participants in off-campus study must be able to adjust to different cultural influences, function as an active member of a group without generating friction, keep up with a rigorous schedule, take some initiative in using free time effectively, and maintain academic study habits in an off-campus situation. Please evaluate this student on the following criteria:

  1. Intellectual ability

  2. Academic motivation and initiative

  3. Responsibility and self-discipline

  4. Ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations

  5. Respect for rules

  6. Respect for others

  7. Positive attitude

  8. Emotional maturity

  9. Ability to function in a group

  10. How long have you known this student? In what capacity?

  11. Describe any particular strengths of this student or any academic preparation which will be an asset to the program.

  12. Describe any concerns about this student we should be aware of, related to their participation in this program.

  13. Please add any additional comments or information you believe will be helpful to the Selection Committee.

Click here to submit this recommendation. It will go directly to the ACM office, and a copy will be e-mailed to the e-mail address listed above.