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Evaluations & Surveys

Over the course of the program, you will be asked to complete questionnaires at several intervals. These surveys allow us to better understand the impact that off-campus study has on students and to use feedback from you to make improvements in our programs.

Additionally, these surveys provide students with an opportunity to reflect upon their experiences and better prepare students to articulate the positives and negatives of the program. Below you will find a brief synopsis of the feedback we will be seeking from you throughout the term. In all cases, your responses will be confidential.

Mid-program evaluations

After the first month of the program, ACM staff will ask you to complete a mid-program evaluation, also on-line, which asks for your feedback on such aspects of the program as ACM’s assistance in preparing you to go abroad, pre-departure and on-site orientation, and the extent to which the program to date is meeting your goals for off-campus study. Your responses enable us to assess the effectiveness of our materials and services in the critical first weeks of the program and to make any necessary changes. Summaries of responses (but not individual responses) for each of our program sites will be shared with program staff and faculty, and with faculty advisors at ACM campuses. This survey will require approximately 15 minutes to complete.

At the mid-point in your program, you will be given a short survey in each of your courses which asks you four short questions about the course. Your feedback allows the instructor to assess his/her effectiveness and provides an opportunity for changes in the course if appropriate. Instructors are seeking your candid feedback and will attempt to gather your thoughts to ensure anonymity whenever possible. Your responses are for the instructor alone and will not be shared with ACM program site or Chicago office staff.

Final evaluation

Shortly before the end of the program, you will be asked to complete a final, on-line survey about the program. As with the mid-program evaluation, your responses will enable us to review program arrangements and course offerings and make any necessary changes for future programs. A summary of responses are shared with program instructors and staff only after the program is complete and your grades have been submitted. Faculty advisors at ACM campuses will also receive the summary. This survey will require approximately 20 minutes of your time.