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Housing Policy

Student housing will vary across the ACM programs and may include homestays, apartments, educational institutions, camping, hostels, and other appropriate housing. Your housing situation while abroad is part of the learning environment that ACM programs provide, and you will want to take advantage of the opportunities that different housing situations provide.

You are responsible for your behavior and actions in your housing environment and must respect the policies and practices of each establishment or facility in which you are housed, including respectfully following your homestay family’s rules. Any damage to property or environment, disruptive activities, or willful disregard of policies and practices of any housing situation may result in disciplinary action including expulsion from housing and/or dismissal from the program.

You should inform your on-site director if problems or concerns arise regarding your housing and efforts will be made to either resolve the issue or find an alternative placement.

Visitors on ACM programs

International programs

Although visitors are strongly discouraged during the program, anyone planning to visit you during the period of enrollment must plan independent accommodations. You are prohibited from bringing any visitor to stay at a homestay or other provided place of housing. You should not ask your host families to accommodate your guests.

Domestic programs

Visitors should not interfere with the functioning of the program nor any participant’s ability to complete program responsibilities. Any program participants wishing to have a visitor stay overnight in program housing should consult with any roommate(s) for approval and abide by any policies of the vendor providing the housing. All visitors shall abide by all provisions of the unit’s roommate agreement, and the host participant may be held responsible for the actions and consequences of his or her guest’s behavior.