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Policy on Academics

All academic pursuit depends on trust.  All of us should be able to trust that we will be treated with honesty and respect—respect for our ideas and for us as persons. As a participant in an ACM program, you will be expected to conduct yourself with the same level of honesty and openness as is expected on your home campus.

The following academic policies apply to all students participating in an ACM program:

Arrival and departure dates. You should make travel arrangements to arrive at the program site on the date specified in the program handbook. Similarly, you should plan your itinerary to remain at the program site through the last day of the program. ACM staff and instructors are unable to accommodate students who request to arrive later or depart earlier.

Course load. You are required to carry the full load of courses and credits as determined for the ACM program in which you are enrolled.

Class attendance and participation. You are expected to attend and participate fully in all classroom sessions, site visits, and field trips. Instructors typically take into account attendance and class participation when assigning final grades. Please remember that these are academic programs: it is not appropriate to miss classes because you are traveling or hosting visitors; you are expected to participate in all program activities unless otherwise excused.

Grade choice. All ACM courses will be graded and reported to home schools on an A-F grading scale. If a student wishes to take a class or classes on a pass/fail basis, the student must contact their home school’s registrar.

Completion of course work. All class assignments (including final papers, projects, and exams) should be completed and submitted before the end of the program. Any assignments or work submitted after the final day of the program will receive a “0” and this will be factored into the final grade for the course. ACM does not record/report an “Incomplete” grade for courses.

Academic honesty. Actions of dishonesty are destructive to the well-being of the academic community, and ACM staff respond to them vigorously. Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic theft will result in a failing grade for that assignment and may result in failure for the course. Extremely serious incidents of cheating or other actions destructive to the classroom community may result in expulsion from the program. Instructors who encounter plagiarism or other forms of cheating in an ACM program will report such episodes to the ACM Chief of Staff, who will investigate and conduct a review according to the ACM Student Conduct Procedures. Students who are aware of academic dishonesty on the part of other students are expected to report that information to the Program Director, or the ACM Chief of Staff.

Final exams and presentations. ACM instructors cannot make special arrangements for a student or students to take a final exam or make a final presentation at a time different from that set by the instructor for the course (with the exception of a student who has a documented learning disability and with whom ACM staff has made prior arrangements).

Grading policies related to off-campus study. You should consult your home campus registrar’s office for off-campus grading policies in effect on your own campus.

Graduating seniors. Students who expect to graduate at the end of the term of the ACM program should discuss graduation requirements with an advisor at their home school prior to the start of the program. If you need to make special arrangements (e.g., if grades need to be reported by a specific date), you should share this information with the ACM program director at the beginning of the program.

Retention of syllabi, course work, and other course-related materials. Because home campus advisors may wish to review course work to determine how to assign credit for a particular course or courses taken abroad (and because, occasionally, course grades can be misreported), it is important that students bring back to their home campuses all materials from courses taken abroad. This is particularly important for courses taught by an on-site (i.e., non-ACM) faculty member, where it may be difficult to contact the faculty member after the semester or program has ended.

Release of student grades. ACM staff will only release grades to your home campus once all program, financial, and student conduct obligations are complete.