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Policy on Alcohol & Drugs

Knowing how to engage responsibly with alcohol among peers is a component of living in a new, educational environment. In the same way that positive living environments create positive experiences and learning, appropriate choices around alcohol can create notable memories among a community of students. In the context of off-campus study, this can mean deciding if or when it is culturally appropriate to consume alcohol, in what quantities, and amongst what company.

Alcohol may be consumed responsibly by students who are of legal age. You should be aware of the limits of local law, cultural norms, and safety considerations when choosing to consume alcohol. You are prohibited from providing alcohol to others who are not of legal age.

Inappropriate behavior resulting from alcohol consumption, including but not limited to behavior which is offensive to others; and/or poses unreasonable risk to you or others; and/or results in damage to property; and/or impacts student performance; and/or causes embarrassment or otherwise interferes with the proper functioning of the program or other students, is not permitted and will result in disciplinary action.

Possession, use, or distribution of any substances that are considered by host country law to be illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited. You are hereby cautioned that the possession of drugs is often handled harshly by local law enforcement. The misuse and abuse of prescription medications is also considered a violation of this policy.