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Policy on Health Insurance Coverage

ACM will provide health insurance coverage for all students participating in its international off-campus programs abroad. This coverage is through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), a company with long experience and excellent service in providing health coverage for students abroad.

The policy with CISI provides a broad range of coverage for students’ medical treatment while abroad. Here are several key features of the coverage:

  • Coverage for both office visits and hospitalization;
  • No exclusion for mental disorders or alcohol-related accidents or illnesses;
  • Coverage for prescription drugs (excluding preventative medications such as Malaria prophylaxis);
  • No exclusion for pre-existing conditions (except in the case of pregnancies beginning before the start of the program);
  • Medical evacuation coverage; and
  • No deductible.

The policy covers students from the day before the start of the program through the day after the program ends, It covers students not only in the host country, but also during any time student may travel away from the program site—e.g., during program vacation periods.

Students should expect to make payment at the time of treatment and then submit their full costs with receipts for a quick and convenient reimbursement by the insurance provider. In some cases, the insurance provider can provide payment for medical expenses in advance of treatment. ACM will bill the student and/or the student’s family for any incurred medical expenses or related costs (e.g., for transportation to the medical facility).

The CISI student insurance policy should not replace any coverage you have in the U.S., nor should you discontinue your American health insurance coverage. The international student insurance provides only limited amounts of coverage for follow-up treatment of illnesses or injuries which begin while the student is abroad.

The cost of this coverage is included in the program fee, and ACM will register all students for the insurance. It is also possible to independently purchase additional coverage to extend the days covered by the ACM policy. The cost of this additional coverage is approximately $40/month.

You will receive a welcome letter and an ID card prior to departure; the welcome letter will describe how to log on to the CISI website to view the tools available to policy holders and to purchase any additional coverage. (You will need the ID number provided in the card and also a credit card to which the cost of the additional coverage can be billed.)

If you have any questions about ACM’s international insurance coverage, please contact the Off-Campus Study team at or 312.263.5000