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Policy on Health & Safety Notification

ACM staff strives to keep all program stakeholders, including your home campuses and parents, informed of critical incidents and concerns that might arise related to any of our programs. We balance this goal with respect for your individual right to privacy as an adult.

Once you have reached the age of 18, you are considered an adult within the US Higher Education system. ACM’s standard procedures will typically involve communicating primarily with you and informing parents on an as-needed basis. ACM staff will seek to work with you, our students, as primary decision-makers whenever possible.

Communication with Parents/Guardians

In situations of medical or program emergency, especially in situations where students are not able to communicate with their parents/guardians or in the case of student hospitalization, ACM staff will endeavor to inform parents of events and developments in as great of detail as possible and as often as possible. These communications will be balanced with ACM’s need to maintain operational management throughout whatever the situation might be.

For international programs, ACM staff sends an initial message to all listed parents/guardians/emergency contacts to notify them that all students have arrived safely at the program site. We do this because students may not always have access to immediate communication tools allowing them to contact individuals at home or may be initially quite consumed with orientation activities, and this initial period of travel to an overseas destination can be a source of worry.

Beyond that initial message for our international programs, ACM staff’s preference is that you are the primary sources of information for parents/guardians. ACM staff will always encourage students to openly and honestly communicate with their parents/guardians and will assist if requested in situations when the student may not have the means to communicate directly.

Communication with Home Campuses

ACM staff strives to maintain high levels of communication with all campuses sending students on any of our programs. Because colleges have different requirements for reporting or documenting incidents, ACM staff will communicate any reportable incident to the Off-Campus Study Director at a student’s home campus.

In situations where an incident impacts multiple students on a program (ex. illnesses not limited to a single individual, major program changes, etc.), ACM staff will notify all home campuses represented on that program of the situation in a way that does not identify specific students. Exceptions to components of this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.