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Policy on Visas

Some ACM programs require visas or other related immigration paperwork in order to participate.

ACM will provide assistance and recommendations to apply for a student visa, which includes providing all necessary documentation; however, ACM cannot take responsibility should your application be denied, nor if you do not receive it in time to start the program as a result of a late application or delay in the consulate’s processing of the visa. ACM will provide documentation that allows students to study for the full duration of the ACM program; we are not responsible for students who wish to extend their trips beyond the duration of the ACM program. Should students incur any fees, expenses, or consequences as a result of violating the visa stipulations, the student is responsible for those costs.

The student agrees as follows:

As a participant on the ACM program I understand that I must follow the instructions provided by ACM to obtain my visa. I understand that my passport must be valid for six months after the end of my program. I will send my application materials and my original signed passport to either ACM, a designated third-party visa provider, or directly to the consulate by the date recommended by ACM. Thus, I will not plan any international trips (including Canada and Mexico) in the months leading up to my program. I understand that the visa application process can be long and time consuming, so I will be patient and act quickly. If I am not a US citizen, I understand visa regulations are specific to citizenship and I will speak to the ACM program coordinator right away.