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Scholarships and Grants Offered by ACM Colleges

Beloit College

Beloit has numerous scholarships and grants available to their students for off-campus study, internships, and research. Please see this Student Grant Opportunities page for more details.

Carleton College

For information on additional off-campus study funding for Carleton students, please go to this Off-Campus Funding page.  Carleton also has generous grants of up to $5,000 available to students pursuing internships and volunteer service through the Initiative for Service Internships in International Development. Funding from this grant could be used toward one of the ACM Summer Programs in India or Mexico. Important note: the deadline to apply for these grants is typically in January/February, so make sure to apply early.

Colorado College

The Selig Fund for Global Study offers grants of up to $1,200 for Colorado College students studying abroad. Please check the Scholarships and Fellowships page or scroll down to the Off-Campus Study secion of this Financial Aid page for this and other potential funding opportunities for students at Colorado College. 

Cornell College

Cornell College has two scholarship programs, the Levy Award and the Class of '55 Award, to help students take advantage of the various off-campus study opportunities. For more information, go to their Scholarships & Fellowships page.

Lawrence University

For a list of off-campus funding options for Lawrence students, please go to the Scholarships & Funding page. Lawrence also has a Student Volunteer Opportunity Grant (SVOG) that is designed to provide financial assistance for Lawrence students participating in service projects as learning experiences during the summer months, including volunteer and service work. This SVOG grant could be used toward one of the ACM Summer Programs in India or Mexico.

Luther College

Luther provides potential grant money of up to $5,000 to students participating in ACM off-campus study programs. For more information, contact the Center for Global Learning.

Macalester College

For information on outside scholarships, go to this Scholarship Information page.

St. Olaf College

The St. Olaf International and Off-Campus Studies Office has a number of scholarships available for students. For more details, go to the St. Olaf Financing Off-Campus Study page.