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Navkiran Aujla

Navkiran Aujla

Whitman College, Chicago Urban Studies, Fall 2011

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Hometown: Everett, Washington

Majors/minor: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology (Combined Major), with a minor in Sociology

Campus activities, involvement, or other interests: Whitman Intercultural Center Intern, Black Student Union member, Walla Walla Hospice volunteer. Interests include reading, photography, and tennis.

Why I chose to do this program: I chose the Chicago Urban Studies program because it provides a way for me to combine my professional aspirations in health care with my interests in sociological studies. I think the internship component of the Chicago program is fantastic, and will definitely be an asset by building my  professional experience. Also, I'm excited to work and live in a bustling environment like Chicago. I look forward to working in the health care system in an urban and incredibly diverse community.

What I'm most excited about: Sightseeing! There are so many fascinating and historical sites to visit in Chicago, so I will try to see as many as I can, without getting lost...hopefully.

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