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Ann Kenseth

Ann Kenseth

Ripon College, Chicago Urban Studies, Spring 2009

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Hometown: Portage, WI

Major: Sociology-Anthropology

Campus activities and interests: Alpha Chi Omega, intramural basketball and volleyball, Ripon Red Cross Club, love having fun and attending all AXO activities, I work for student support services as a peer contact

Why I chose to do the ACM Chicago Urban Studies program:  I chose ACM Chicago Programs because I have never lived in a big city before and that excites me.  I also found it to be a great opportunity to have an internship that will expose me to social work, my desired future career.  Also, the fact that I get to meet new people and live with them and learn about them will be a fun change from Ripon, and it will allow me to step outside my shell and expand my horizons.

What I'm most excited/nervous about: What I am most excited about is also what I am most nervous about.  Chicago is a very large city, and being from a small town of about 10,000 it scares me to think soon I will be living in such a large city.  However, that also excites me for I have this huge change coming up and I am going to learn and be able to navigate through a large city, and wow that just makes me sooo excited!

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