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Kelly Cargos

Kelly Cargos

Macalester College, Japan Study, Spring 2012

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Hometown: Orange, CT

Majors: Japanese and Psychology double major

Campus activities, involvement, or other interests: I am a member of Macalester's cross country and track teams.  I have also been involved in Program Board (a campus event-planning organization), Mac Cares (an environmental org), and Mac Gaming Society (a video game club).

Why I chose this program: Ever since middle school I have wanted to visit Japan and experience Japanese culture firsthand.  I was attracted to the ACM Japan Study program because of its affiliation with Waseda University and the city of Tokyo.  It really doesn't get much cooler than Tokyo.

What I'm most excited about: I'm excited about so many things!  I am thrilled to live with a host family and assume an authentic Japanese lifestyle.  I also can't wait to explore Tokyo and maybe do a little shopping.  And I'm stoked about the food – Japanese food is delicious.

Anything else?  I love the outdoors, and I would really like to do some backpacking while in Japan.  I also really want to climb Mt. Fuji.  I'm going to do my best to make it happen.  

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