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Eleanor Mulshine

Eleanor Mulshine

Colorado College, Chicago Entrepreneurship, Fall 2009

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Hometown: Washington, DC

Majors/minors: Economics, Sociology

Campus activities, involvement, or other interests: International Service Trip 2009, New Student Orientation Leader, Students Take Action Now Darfur (STAND), Refugee Assistant Program, piano

Why I chose the Chicago BES program: Having taken a gap year abroad in Montpellier, France, I was interested in doing an off-campus semester in US to learn a little more about my own country. I had no previous courses in Business, so I looked forward to being immersed in a subject completely new to me. I also looked at the Urban Studies program, but I'm glad that I chose BES, as it enables me to tie in my experience here to my Economics major at Colorado College. This is not your traditional "sitting in the classroom, listening to your professor lecture all day" type of Business program. Almost every day we visit large and small businesses in Chicago, speak with their owners, find out how they are able to thrive in this city and what challenges they have. This allows each student to be engaged in the Business world in Chicago and apply it to their own interests.

What I'm most excited about: I am excited about living in a new city. I had never visited Chicago prior to this semester, and I love that I am able to discover it from a non-tourist perspective. I am a working person when I go to my internship, a student when I go to class, and a resident when I go home to my apartment or out in the city. It's really the best of all worlds.

Anything else?  I also like the fact that the students in the Chicago programs are not isolated from each other. During core course on Fridays, we bring together all three disciplines and discuss issues concerning Chicago. With expertise from Business, Arts, and Urban Studies we learn a lot about our own views and the city. And we get to explore Chicago!

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