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Josephine Chaet

Josephine Chaet

Grinnell College, Jordan, Fall 2014

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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Majors: Anthropology & History double major

Campus activities, involvement, or other interests: I am a member of the girls water polo team, as well as a part of the Big Brother, Big Sister program at the middle school in Grinnell, a gallery docent and after-school program leader at the Art Council in downtown Grinnell, an Arabic tutor, and a math tutor at the Correctional Facility for Men in Newton, Iowa.

Why I chose to do this program: I chose to study abroad in Amman, Jordan this fall in order to improve my Arabic language skills, as well as gain a greater sense of the world, both intellectually, as an anthropology and history major, as well as personally.

What I'm most excited about: I am excited to become immersed in a new environment, using a language I don't always have the chance to use spontaneously in the Midwest, while learning about a new culture and place, and in the process, learning about myself, as well.

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