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Lucy Pipkin

Lucy Pipkin

Lawrence University, Jordan, Fall 2014

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Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Majors/minors: Anthropology and Psychology double major, potential Religious Studies minor (focus on Islam)

Campus activities, involvement, or other interests: Staff writer at The Lawrentian student newspaper, co-leader of LU Meditation and Mindfulness, soprano in Viking Chorale, and DJ at WLFM radio.

Why I chose to do this program: I started to pursue my interests in Islam and Arab immigrants to the U.S. in classes at Lawrence and this program seemed like the natural next step in my studies. The Twin Cities has a large Muslim population and I was always curious about the culture and language of my classmates. I can't wait to learn more about Jordan while also learning about my home.

What I'm most excited about: Eating new foods with new people (and drinking lots of coffee).

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