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Dorothea Pantelios

Dorothea Pantelios

Beloit College, Costa Rica, Spring 2018

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Major/Minor: Environmental communications and art major/Spanish minor

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Campus activities, involvement, or other interests: The activities I participated in outside of classes I used as creative outlets throughout the school year. On the campus of my college in Wisconsin, I worked for the Sustainability Communications Team, where I filmed interviews of students who were leading sustainability projects. I accepted the responsibility as co-president of Art Club, with the goal of creating a space in which students could take their minds off of school and immerse themselves in the new art mediums that the club provided each week. I have been a member of the Beloit Urban Garden Compost Team for two years. By composting on campus we have been cutting down a tremendous amount of waste and creating rich soil to use in the garden year after year.

Why I chose to do this program: I was intrigued by the uniqueness of ACM Costa Rica, which is why I choose to study in this program. ACM Costa Rica starts the first month with classes to prepare the students for the independent research projects that they create. Each student is guided by a specific advisor that specializes in a field related to the student’s project. These advisors assist the students in acquiring resources necessary for the students to take the initial steps for their project. After preparations, the students pursue their project they prepared for their first month. After completing the research project, the students analyze their data and present the results they have interpreted. This structure of education as well as living with a host family, provides a much richer experience than I would otherwise have the opportunity of participating in.

What I’m most excited about: The thought of working on my project in the field was initially intimidating, but once I began to refine my idea I could visualize bringing my project to life. Now I’m ecstatic to start my project.

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