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Jordan Ball

Jordan Ball

Knox College, Chicago Entrepreneurship, Fall 2010

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Hometown: Cuba, IL

Major & minors: Major in Economics, minors in Business & Management and Environmental Studies

Activities & interests:  Knox College Varsity Baseball, President of Knox College Business Club, Union Board, Galesburg Chamber of Commerce Task Force Committee, Admission Ambassador Tour Guide

Why I chose to do this program: While studying at Knox College, I have always wanted the opportunity to study off campus and to have a real world experience while still in school. This program is the perfect option for me to do that as well as being immersed in the thriving business world of Chicago. With my liberal arts education, it will give me a chance to take the theories I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real world problems. One of the greatest aspects of Knox College being a small college is the one-on-one environment you get with teachers and faculty, however there are few opportunities to network within Galesburg. The ACM's Business, Entrepreneurship, and Society Program is the perfect transition for a small school student wanting to network within a big city. Another reason this program is perfect for me is because it will allow me to grow as an individual intellectually. I am going to be exposed to new people and environments I've never experienced before. Coming from the small central-Illinois town of Cuba, it's very rare to have this opportunity to study in the thriving city of Chicago.

What I'm most excited about: Everything! I wish I could say there's one thing I'm excited about most, but this is such a unique program that I can't narrow it down to one. I'm excited to meet new people, live in Chicago, network with people, and grow as an individual to list a few. I have never experienced Chicago as more than a tourist, so I have never really been able to see the "real" Chicago and this experience is going to open my eyes to an entirely different view of the city. There are huge opportunities to learn and develop from within Chicago and this program will unlock doors that I never knew to exist.

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