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Leigh Wasson

Leigh Wasson

Beloit College, Chicago Arts, Fall 2010

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Hometown: Madison, WI

Major & minor: Business Management in the Arts major and Museum Studies minor

Activities & interests: I've remained very involved in the music scene the last two years at Beloit College. I've hosted a radio show on WBCR Beloit College Radio, I was the director of the programming board committee, which is an student run organization in charge of booking music acts our on campus venue, the Coughy Haus, I've DJed numerous Beloit parties and events, and I am the DJ Club president at Beloit College. I also dedicate a lot of time to designing show posters and promotional material for the Coughy Haus. I'm interested in algae as a promising future biofuel.

Why I chose to do this program: I chose the ACM Arts program because of its unique urban immersion structure, I'm excited to broaden my understanding of how artists and musicians interact with the complex and highly innovative urban environment of Chicago. I believe that this process will not only enrich my general understanding of modern arts based businesses, but also build new ideas and contacts that will develop my personal work as an artist and entrepreneur. 

What I’m most excited  about: I'm very excited to begin my internship at Numero Group. Numero is the best archival record label in the world, which retains a strong and dedicated following, yet has remained a very small business. The music compilations that Numero reissues features incredible music that for the most part has been unheard. The Numero Group undertakes the noble mission to find, research, and remaster forgotten funk, soul, folk, and disco masterpieces and grant them much deserved exposure. I am excited not only to be around great music, but also to develop a further understanding of a how a small business is effectively run and promoted.

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