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Testimonial: John Brendan Horgan, College of Wooster

John Brendan Horgan

The Chicago Program program provided an excellent opportunity to learn and experience beyond the normal realm of a classroom. Not only did we visit numerous neighborhoods throughout Chicago, but we talked with the individuals leading, working with, or volunteering at the non-profits and organizations working for social change and social justice. We found out about their passion, their framework of seeing injustice in the world, and the angle at which they are trying to address it. We also developed community within our precept group, and with students from within the Chicago Program. We once had a session on race which started with a great discussion about our readings. We then met with a blues artist who played for us and we continued our discussion with him. We capped off the day by attending a real Chicago blues club, and saw in-person what we had been talking about - it was a day that represented all that I enjoyed about the Chicago Program.

—John Brendan Horgan, urban studies major

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