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Testimonial: Giulia Hines, Colorado College

Giulia Hines

Being from a suburb of Chicago, people constantly asked me why I chose to spend a semester so close to home. I began the Chicago Arts program not really knowing much about the classes or what kind of internship I would have. My only goals were to get to know the city better and see if Chicago was a place I'd want to live after college. I cannot express how much I enjoyed every single day of this program. Every day felt like a field trip and every night felt like we were big adults living on our own. Between interning at a weaving school and meeting for class in theaters and museums, I spent a fair amount of time riding public transportation. When riding a packed to the gills train at rush hour, I realized I could either complain, sulk, and frown, or I could relish in the delightful mix of people surrounding me and listen to the familiar hum of the rails. (Needless to say, doing the latter made the journey more tolerable.) Because each student shapes their own experience, we all take away something different from this program. My time spent discovering new things in Chicago has only just begun.

—Giulia Hines, art history and linguistics major

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