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Testimonial: Nate Grady, Lawrence University

Nate Grady

My journey with the ACM India program was a truly self-defining experience, as it so greatly enhanced my understanding of of the world, of myself, and of what is important to pursue in life in general. India as a country is so complex and dynamic, with such a remarkable mix of ancient customs and lifestyles and a modern, globalized economy that a visitor cannot help but learn a great deal so long as they know where and how to look, and the ACM program was a critical guiding hand in this respect. From the professors and the classes they taught, to the staff and the trips they organized (both in Pune and in the country at large), everything was well calibrated to give us a good picture of "the Indian way," from which we in turn could learn so much. I left the country with a profound respect for (and connection with) the people I met there, which I am confident I will maintain for the rest of my life, and that would not have been possible without the ACM program.

—Nate Grady, environmental policy major

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