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Testimonial: Will Gallmeyer, Knox College

Will Gallmeyer

I chose the ACM Botswana program because I wanted to study in an industrializing country, and get outside of my "comfort zone". As it turns out, Botswana is a really comfortable place to be! It's a very peaceful country, and people there are very friendly.

Botswana is rapidly acquiring the western socioeconomic system spread through globalization. Many people in Gaborone speak English, eat spaghetti, wear jeans, and stay current on international news events. Rural areas are less "globalized," and there is much to learn from people there, too. Botswana also has some of the most fantastic wildlife in the world, with the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, the Nxai Salt Pans, and the Okavango Delta as just a few must-visit destinations.

—Will Gallmeyer, undecided major

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