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Testimonial: Fadil Hakim, Carleton College

Fadil Hakim

Doing an independent study project outside the confines of an American college taught me to work without a prescribed system or syllabus while maintaining a solid work ethic. I discovered what I want to do academically for the rest of my college education, which is to do cultural anthropology, and what my career in the future should look like. At the same time, I discovered that most of the people I met in India are generous and thoughtful in spite of how modestly they live, and that it is important to live in the moment regardless of how things change so suddenly. My experience in India reflects the kinds of leaders the world needs in the future: those who have lived in a different culture for long enough to appreciate a different way of life, while realizing that human dignity is universal.

—Fadil Hakim, undeclared major

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