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Testimonial: Kelsey Hall, St. Olaf College

Kelsey Hall

I had so many incredible experiences during my semester abroad—from seeing fantastic theatre in London and artwork at the heart of the Italian Renaissance period, to moving through picturesque landscapes that felt like movie scenes and standing in front of buildings and statues that are used all of the time in popular culture. I think the most meaningful experiences I had, though, were those centered around meeting new people. Not only did I get to know other ACM students who brought different backgrounds and ideas to the classroom setting, but I learned to strike up conversation with people sitting next to me at pubs, standing near me in line at the post office, or sitting in cafes, parks, and on public transportation. In Italy, I was able to communicate daily with my wonderful host family, vendors at the market, and waiters at restaurants despite a language and cultural barrier. Through all of this I gained personal experiences that taught me more about other cultures than you could ever find in a textbook, and helped me to develop some new skills that I want to incorporate into my daily life back at home.

—Kelsey Hall, theatre major

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