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Testimonial: Mayo Sonko, Macalester College

Mayo Sonko

The ACM Chicago Program provided me with a new perspective of the city. I was able to observe city dynamics through the lens of a resident rather than someone who was just passing through. More than anything I appreciated the opportunity to talk to people, some of whom were a part of the program syllabus and others whom I met by chance. Traveling through all parts of the city enriched my experience that much more. The authenticity of my experience is what has made it so memorable. The program has changed me and my thinking in ways that I have still not been able to fully appreciate and I believe that speaks to the depth the program and its curriculum. Chicago is an unbelievably dynamic city and what is most important is to recognize that. There are so many things to consider when trying to understand how the city operates, both politically and socially, in the manner that it does.

—Mayo Sonko, political science major

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