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Testimonial: Helen Noble, Lawrence University

Helen Noble

I chose to study through ACM in Pune, India because I wanted a multi-tiered cultural experience during my time abroad. I became close with my host family, learned about the Hindu religion, tasted all the traditional food in Pune, hiked in the Himalayas, made Indian friends, learned from my Indian professors, shopped at the street market, and grew more accustomed in Indian culture as a whole. The ACM staff and other students on were a constant support system. While at times I felt uncomfortable and missed Western countries, the India program broadened my knowledge in ways that a more Western experience may not have. I loved the independent study project (ISP) portion of the India program. The public health focus of my project engaged me in a topic that I grew increasingly passionate about, and altered my career path. Studying in Pune was an eye opening experience that changed my perception of the world and the direction I'm now headed in after my time at Lawrence University.

—Helen Noble, biology and environmental studies major

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