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Testimonial: Grace Donahue, St. Olaf College

Grace Donahue

I chose to be a part of the ACM London & Florence program because it was the farthest out of my comfort zone I ever could have gone. Living in a flat in an enormous city, navigating the public transportation, going to the theatre multiple times a week, learning the history of London, learning Italian, taking a drawing class, living with an Italian host family, and exploring the Renaissance of Florence first hand were all things I had never done before, as I imagine is true for many. These experiences were some of the most invaluable of my life thus far, as well as eye-opening, thought provoking, and enjoyable. The experiences I didn't anticipate and that aren't listed in the manual - making some of the closest friends I will ever have, falling in love with two of the most beautiful cities in the world, and finding myself in a program so far from what I knew - are the experiences that made the London & Florence program one I will never forget, and one I highly recommend.

—Grace Donahue, English major

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