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Testimonial: Rachel Vinciguerra, Ohio Wesleyan University

Rachel Vinciguerra

I chose to study abroad through the ACM India program in Pune because I knew it would be a different experience than what I was used to. I knew I would be asked to evaluate my own privilege as an American college student and to try to experience and learn as much as I could for those few short months in India. I never expected to walk away from the program with all that I have. I left in December feeling like I could move around Pune just as comfortably as my hometown: catch a rickshaw, order food, navigate the city, and engage with the people. I left with a broader world view and with just a little more insight into the lives of people half a world away. I learned so much from the program faculty and staff, but even more so from the day-to-day experiences I had throughout the semester with the beautiful mosaic of people I met there.

—Rachel Vinciguerra, history major

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