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Testimonial: Claire Pitstick, St. Olaf College

Claire Pitstick

Participating in the ACM Costa Rica field research program helped me grow in many ways. I significantly improved my Spanish skills and my confidence in communicating with native speakers; I felt like a member of the family in my urban and rural host families; I learned how to propose, conduct, analyze, and present a public health research project; and I ventured out of my comfort zone almost daily as I talked to many new people, struggled to figure out the bus system, interviewed teachers, tried new foods, and was immersed in a new culture. Throughout the semester, I learned so much about this beautiful country, the friendly people, the rich culture, and myself. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience, and I will definitely utilize the skills and knowledge that I gained in my future career as a physician.

—Claire Pitstick, biology and Spanish major

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