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Testimonial: Meaghan Burns, Lake Forest College

Meaghan Burns

My semester in India was the best 4 months of my life for many reasons. The first, being in India! I loved the city of Pune and enjoyed exploring the city and traveling near and far. The ACM program staff make the experience easy, safe, and unforgettable. My host family is what completed my trip. They provided a loving and safe home, encouragement, support, and were so willing to share every part of their culture and family with me. I truly felt a part of their family and will always have a place for them in my heart alongside my birth family. My entire experience in India was incredible from the classes, to the local friends that I made, all the field trips, experiencing festival season, and everything else in between that made up the best four months of my life!

—Meaghan Burns, religion and sociology/anthropology major

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