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Testimonial: Sarah Sturm, Luther College

Sarah Sturm

In addition to the wonders Jordan has to offer, what made my ACM off-campus study experience a memorable one was the amount of support I received both during the time leading up to my study abroad experience and while I was in Jordan. The contacts I made with ACM representatives who came to campus allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions before, as well as during, my time abroad. Feeling like I had someone I could always turn to with a logistical question made me more confident in my decision to go so far from home. The required homestay was another highlight of my experience, as my family helped me navigate my immersion into a new culture and embraced me as an extra daughter. ACM and their partner Amideast did a great job selecting my host family and I am thankful they insisted on the homestay requirement. My conversations with the ACM professor in Jordan were also memorable, as that was another great way to mutually process our experiences of living in a new culture and navigating a new city. ACM required that I participate in a Community Based Learning class, where I completed a community practicum at the Jordan Tourism Board. While I was hesitant about this at first, it ended up being a great way to experience a different aspect of the culture and to form relationships with Jordanians without other students in the program, for which I am greatly appreciative. Having other students from Midwestern liberal arts colleges was beneficial as I processed my experiences and contrasted them to those back at Luther with other students who have similar college experiences. While the students at Amideast who were from other universities across the country were also great people, the way we approached being in Jordan was different since we had different expectations based on our home institutions. As the only student from Luther, it was nice to have a connection with other Midwesterners even though we came from different schools.

—Sarah Sturm, political science and religion major

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