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Testimonial: Nora Coghlan, Grinnell College

Nora Coghlan

While several aspects of my ACM off-campus study made the experience a memorable one -- learning Arabic, being in the Middle East for the first time, attending conferences, and more -- what made it most memorable was living with a host family. I lived in an apartment building with my host mom and two of her children, and just two floors above us lived my host grandma, aunt, and sister. Across the street lived my host aunt, her husband, and two new babies. My family was extremely kind and welcoming, and there was never a dull moment. I spent a lot of time chatting with my host mom and her friends, playing with and learning Arabic from my three-year-old host sister, and enjoying my host grandma's delicious cooking. Without their love and hospitality I know my experience wouldn't have been the same.

—Nora Coghlan, English and anthropology major

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